Fuck other women, they are your competition. McDonalds doesn’t listen to what Burger King has to say.


via imapervert

This is really sad and gross. I feel like I’ve been spoiled by having such rad friends because it shocked me that anyone still believes this sort of ridiculous shit. Think about it for a minute: Why are women in competition with each other? What are they in competition for? Are you trying to be the hottest babe around? Why? What’s the point of that? Can’t you be hot while another woman is also hot? Are you trying to compete for dates? Humans aren’t prizes you can win! Women are taught to be competitive with each other because when we’re in solidarity we are more powerful. I genuinely love other women and I refuse to buy into this gross patriarchal bullshit that tells me I should be constantly trying to be better than the next girl. My awesomeness doesn’t depend on putting another woman down. Ugh.
I get so tired of constantly struggling with my sisters. The more we have in common, including love, the greater the heartache beween us, the more we hurt each other. It’s excrutiatingly painful, this constant snarling at our own shadows.